The SAT-IX was established in 2019 as a neutral Internet exchange at H5 Data Centers’ downtown San Antonio data center campus. Our mission is to facilitate the peering of domestic and international Internet traffic in San Antonio and South Texas generally.

Started as a collaboration between H5 Data Centers and Generic Data Centers, SAT-IX is designed to support the growing peering community of communications carriers, cloud service providers and content delivery networks at 100 Taylor and throughout the state of Texas.

The SAT-IX can support GigE, 10GbE or 100GbE port speeds and we offers optional route server access for peering.

Please update your information on!

Below is a list of peering participants on the SAT-IX. If your information does not appear correctly, please contact [email protected].

Organization ASN Addresses Options Policy Route Server Details Gbit/sec Email
Hurricane Electric 6936 Open telnet:// 100G [email protected]
Theorem 13503 Open 100G
Archeo Futurus 36584 Open 100G [email protected]

Peering Port SpeedNRCMRC
1 Gbps$0$200
10 Gbps$0$700
100 Gbps $0$1,200

The above prices include the cross connection costs from the point of presence (POP) within an H5 Data Centers colocation area or the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) within the meet-me room at 100 Taylor to the SAT-IX exchange. If you would like to peer on the SAT-IX, please email us at [email protected].

PROMOTION! For a limited time, SAT-IX is offering the following discount to the first 8 peering participants on the exchange: FREE MRC for eighteen (18) months and an additional 50% discount for an additional eighteen (18) months. To be eligible, a peering participate must update their presence on PeeringDB.

The only requirements of peering participants are to follow the rules of the exchange.